Comic Books and the Real World: Batman

DC comics and the Kuwati based comic group Teshkeel have agreed to team up for a unique and yet very common set of comic books. The Batman news is very interesting and could set off a wave of new Batman collectibles. Batman, and the rest of the DC universe, will fight side by side with the 99, a group of heroes based (subtly) on Muslim values.

Or he will be fighting against the group. The exact story line is unclear, but what is clear is that the storyline will be popular. Batman, and the rest of the DC gang, is an incredibly franchise domestically, and the 99 is in the same boat internationally. In the Middle-Eastern world, the 99 comics sell over a million copies a year and are the inspiration for a television series.

Comics often reflect the state of the world, and this collaboration should be no exception. It will be interesting to see such prevalent symbols of American super strength teaming up with, or fighting against, symbols that represent Muslim strength. This international situation is often very complicated, and the comic book collaboration will be similarly provocative. The Dark Knight plus 99 Muslim values equals excitement.