Batman Bruce Wayne is Killed by his Own Dad in New Batman Comic

What the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, or any of Batman's foes have not been able to do, Batman's own "dad" was.

In a controversial new storyline by Grant Morrison, Batman is killed by Simon Hurt who claims is Batman's dad. While everyone, who does not live under a rock, knows.

Batman's dad was supposedly killed when Bruce Wayne was but a child. But in this new story line, Simon Hurt claims that he simply faked his own death.

This of course opens up the storyline to a whole new level. The success of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is definitely worth noting here because after the passing of Heath Ledger there has been plenty of discussion on whether any new foe would ever match the performance of Ledger.

With this new twist in the comic there is definitely a opening for the Batman movie franchise to do the same.

But don't worry Batman aficionados, while Bruce Wayne has passed away, Batman is promised to continue fighting.

While we have all been kept in the dark, no pun intended, there are rumors floating around that the next Batman will be either Dick Grayson, the original Robin, or current boy Wonder Tim Drake.