Kid’s Love Batman Birthday Parties

Batman party supplies can be found in almost every party store across the county. However , if you're looking for a reduction on Batman party supplies, shopping online is the way to go.

By buying Batman party supplies online you are able to save on expense, improve accessibility and choose from more variation.

When you purchase Batman party supplies in a store, you as the buyer, are paying the shipping costs for a bulk order. Many folks don't understand the higher prices they see in-store reflect the bulk shipping rates the store pays, plus some.

Batman is the Most Unique Superhero

Super Heroes have been a popular feature of American culture for several generations now, and it's nice to see that Batman is still going strong after all of these years.

Many gadgets lie in the gadget belt or utility belt of this superhero and all Batman has to do is to dig in it and use them when as he needs them.

Other Batman gadgets are the Batrope which Batman uses to climb skyscrapers and also the Batarang which is actually a boomerang used to disable the villains.

The Potential Value of Batman Toys, Batman Collectibles And Batman Gifts

For decades, Batman has been one of America’s favorite super heroes. As the Batman merchandise list and movie industry continue to grow, fans become more and more interested in Batman toys, Batman collectibles and Batman gifts. Fans love to spend money on Batman toys, Batman collectibles and Batman gifts to show their support for their favorite super hero. While many of these fans are young children who don’t realize the worth of their purchases, adult fans often hone in on the possibility their Batman toys and Batman collectibles could be worth quite a bit one day.

Batman Costumes – One Of The Few You Can Find Year-Round

Most often, costumes can only be found during Halloween season. However, super hero costumes like Batman costumes can usually be found year-round in local toy stores. While you may have great difficulty finding authentic adult Batman costumes or a Batman latex costume during the non-Halloween season, you may be able to locate these authentic costumes online or at a local costume rental store.

Of course, if you need a batman costume in a pinch and your little one is convinced they need to fly around the living room fighting the villains of Gotham City, “Batman style”, immediately, you can throw together a homemade version using a sheet. But, if your tot loves Batman it can be much less stressful to pick up a Batman cape and store it for these “flying” sessions.

Batman T-Shirts And Other Batman Clothing – Not Just For Kids

While you may understand why a six year old little boy has an intense fascination for Batman T-shirts and other Batman clothing, you may furrow your brow a bit when you realize your husband feels the same way. While your child likely loves the idea of dressing like his favorite super hero and pretending to fight off evil Batman villains, saving you and his family from certain death, your husband’s fascination is likely a bit different.

Upcoming Batman Movie News – The Rumor Mill Continues

While Batman fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation of The Dark Knight sequel (Batman 3), there is little confirmed upcoming Batman movie news. Insiders believe the project is delayed due to the schedule of director Chris Nolan who has been busy working on other commitments and projects. However, stars like Gary Oldman and Michael Caine are feeding into the rumor mills with comments stating they estimate shooting on Batman 3 is expected to begin in 2010 with the movie being released in 2012.

Planning a Batman Theme Party

Batman party supplies can be found in almost every party store across the county. if you're looking for a discount on Batman party supplies, shopping online is the way to go. By purchasing Batman party supplies online you can save on cost, improve accessibility and choose from more variation.

When you purchase them online, you can order the exact number of items you need. Buying an item online will cut your party supply cost, allowing you to pay the wholesale price on the items ordered. you have saved yourself money you could be spending on getting the birthday boy a bigger and better present, like a life-sized Batman action figure or a remote control Batmobile!

Batgirl #1 to be Released

Comic shelves have been littered as of late with Bat related heroes, heroines, and spinoffs. Written by Brian Q. Miller, who is also known for Smallville, the #1 issue has some good things going for it, especially the artwork which is top notch thanks to Lee Garbett.

The writing is also well crafted, the character of Batgirl herself well written, though the plot and storyline may make any avid comic book reader yawn. There is nothing new or overly exciting being told in this issue.

A Short History of Batgirl

Batgirl first appeared in Batman #139 in 1961, over 20 years after the first appearance of Batman in Detective comics. The original Batgirl was Betty Kane, but she only lasted a few years and was replaced in 1964 by Barbara Gordon in Detective Comics #359. Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commission Gordon, a long time ally in Batman’s fight against crime.

Interestingly, the character that eventually lead to Batgirl, first appeared in the mid 1950’s as a reaction to Fredric Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent book that created a large “comic book panic” and accused Batman of being homosexual.

Batman Bruce Wayne is Killed by his Own Dad in New Batman Comic

What the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, or any of Batman's foes have not been able to do, Batman's own "dad" was.

In a controversial new storyline by Grant Morrison, Batman is killed by Simon Hurt who claims is Batman's dad. While everyone, who does not live under a rock, knows.

Batman's dad was supposedly killed when Bruce Wayne was but a child. But in this new story line, Simon Hurt claims that he simply faked his own death.