Upcoming Batman Movie News – The Rumor Mill Continues

While Batman fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation of The Dark Knight sequel (Batman 3), there is little confirmed upcoming Batman movie news. Insiders believe the project is delayed due to the schedule of director Chris Nolan who has been busy working on other commitments and projects. However, stars like Gary Oldman and Michael Caine are feeding into the rumor mills with comments stating they estimate shooting on Batman 3 is expected to begin in 2010 with the movie being released in 2012.

In addition, Michael Caine recently said he expects the next Batman installment to focus on The Riddler. If this is true, it will be interesting to see who is chosen to play this intricate role. While Jim Carrey did a fabulous job in Batman Forever, Nolan’s style of direction is much more realistic and Carrey’s portrayal of the villain may not fit into his style and creative direction. Christian Bale is contracted to continue his role as Batman while other rumors are swirling about the possibility of Johnny Depp playing the role of The Riddler and Megan Fox playing the role of Catwoman (although most recently this one has been denied).

Upcoming Batman Movie News To Look Out For

All in all, Batman fans will have to wait until at least January to hear whether Chris Nolan is signing on with Warner Brothers for the Batman 3 movie and when production will begin. However, at the earliest the Batman 3 movie won’t be released until at least 2012 so fans are forced to sit patiently and wait it out.