Batgirl #1 to be Released

Comic shelves have been littered as of late with Bat related heroes, heroines, and spinoffs. Written by Brian Q. Miller, who is also known for Smallville, the #1 issue has some good things going for it, especially the artwork which is top notch thanks to Lee Garbett.

The writing is also well crafted, the character of Batgirl herself well written, though the plot and storyline may make any avid comic book reader yawn. There is nothing new or overly exciting being told in this issue.

Batgirl must hide her identity from her parents not because she risks them discovering her alter ego, but because she had promised them she would quit her career as a vigilante and has not been able to follow through with said promise. Sadly the character development of both Batgirl and Barbara Gordon, another heroin in the series, lacks polish and logic.

It is a stretch at best to see the leaps both characters have taken in attitude and motivation in their actions, making the series seem disjointed and choppy, as though the author didn’t take much care in making the story make sense.

The series is starting off rocky, but the footing is stable enough that it will delight and entertain those who don’t care to judge harshly.